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Young Physician News Briefs

Young Physician News Brief Archive

The Young Physician News Brief is a quarterly News Brief created by the Resident, Fellows, & Young Physicians Committee to highlight the most important WDS items.

Young Physician Featured Articles: Career Corner


Top 10 Things I Learned from the 2020 WDS Forum

By Shari Lipner, MD, PhD

The WDS Forum took place January 31-February 2, 2020 in Scottsdale Arizona. The session started with a focus on finding joy in our work and our personal lives with the keynote lecture by Sandra Ellison: “Building Resilience: A Key to Unlocking Physician Health & Happiness.” Other highlights included women’s health topics, including breast cancer screening, healthy aging, nutrition and supplements, and integrative medicine, an update on the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology, a poster session, and a service project. The session concluded with “30 Pearls in 30 minutes,” by WDS Board of Directors and leadership, as well as, an open-mic portion for participants. 

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Post Residency Dermatology Opportunities
The WDS Young Physicians Committee has put together resources to provide more information on Post-Residency Dermatology opportunities including Traditional Post-Residency Fellowships, Non-Traditional Fellowships, and more:

  • Micrographic Surgery & Dermatologic Oncology (Mohs) Fellowships
  • Dermatopathology Fellowships
  • Pediatric Dermatology Fellowships
  • Cosmetic Dermatology Fellowships
  • Complex Medical Dermatology Fellowship
  • Contact Dermatitis Fellowship
  • Teledermatology Fellowship
  • Dermatology/Rheumatology Fellowship
  • Research Fellowships
  • Cutaneous Oncology Fellowship
  • Clinician Educator Fellowship

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10 Job Interview Tips: How to Dress and Impress
The WDS Young Physicians Committee shares their insight and experiences from their first job interview including:

  • Pre-Interview Advice
  • Interview Conversation Tips
  • Topics to Avoid
  • Follow Up Recommendations

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Deciding on a Career Path: Academics vs Private Equity vs Starting Your Own Practice
The WDS Young Physicians Committee shares their insight and experiences from their first year on the job including:

  • How did you choose your career path?
  • What advice do you have about choosing a career path?
  • Did someone help guide your path?
  • If you were in private practice previously and now private equity, what pros/cons are there to each?
  • If you are considering join a private equity practice, what are important things to know?

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Things I Wish I Had Known: Pitfalls in the First Year of Work and How to Avoid Them
The WDS Young Physicians Committee shares their insight and experiences from their first year on the job including:

  • Pitfalls encountered in the first year
  • Preparing for the transition into your first job
  • What to focus on in the first six months of your job
  • Preparing to start a job in academics/private practice/start their own practice
  • Young physicians moving to a new city
  • Contract negotiation advice
  • Managing staff and running a team
  • Making financial decisions in your first year of practice
    (Retirement accounts, financial advisor, investments, how to handle loans) 
  • Tips for efficiency and success during the first year

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Building a Brand
This three part Young Physician Career Corner covers tips and advice on how to build your brand from Young Physician Pearls, an interview with Dr. Deirdre Hooper, and expert marketing advice from the Director of Performance Marketing at Vimeo.

Part 1: YP Pearls
Set Yourself Apart
Building a Career
Building a Reputation
Part 2: Dr. Deidre Hooper
Defining your Brand
Get Staff Involved
Benefits of Branding
Part 3: Pro Marketing Tips
Social Media Advice
Starting Out
Dealing with Negative Posts

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Negotiating Contracts
Brian Tawney is a contract lawyer who works with physician clients and their practices throughout the country, helping his clients execute appropriate financial strategies. Read his career pearls about negotiating contracts where he answers questions like: 

  • What questions should I ask when negotiating a contract?
  • What is the basic structure of a contract? 
  • Do I need a lawyer to review my contract?
  • What general advice do you have before negotiating a contract?

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