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Resident Liaison Program

Resident Liaison Program

The Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS) is a dynamic, international, non-profit organization providing our young members with mentorship, scholarship, career development, and community service opportunities. The WDS is seeking out resident leaders at each program to serve as a WDS Resident Liaison and share the benefits of our society with all dermatology residents. 

Our WDS resident members have the opportunity to experience the outstanding community of friendship and building long term relationships with other members either as a Resident Liaison or a regular member.  Our goal is to have one individual at each program willing to build on their leadership skills and who will consider serving until the end of residency in the WDS Resident Liaison position. The liaison position also allows individuals to network with and make contacts with liaisons at other institutions.

Each residency program may designate one resident leader to serve as an official liaison to help communicate various award opportunities, share local community service events, as well as other exciting leadership opportunities. This is a great way for the resident to get involved on a national level with WDS and create career contacts for the future. Ideally this individual is early into their residency.

WDS offers complimentary membership to all residents. An interested resident does need to join WDS initially and then are able to be placed into the WDS Resident Liaison position.  Please fill out the application to join today!

As our WDS Resident Liaisons near the end of their residency, we ask them to find a replacement in December before your last semester and communicate the new Resident Liaison contact information to WDS so that we can welcome them and orient the new individual into their role. 

If you have additional questions about the Resident Liaison program please email WDS at

Thank you in advance for your consideration to serve!