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Resident Liaison Program

Resident Liaison Program

Top 10 Reasons to be a WDS Resident Liaison

1. Take part in something bigger than yourself and your immediate community. WDS is a community of supportive women and men whose goal is to advance women in dermatology. It is inspiring to meet and talk with these leaders and role models in the field. Being a part of this organization will ignite (or re-ignite) your passion for mentorship, community service, and giving back in any other way. We all have someone (or a group of someones) that have helped and guided us to where we are today. It is essential that we provide this assistance to those who will come after us. Being a WDS resident liaison will help facilitate this mission.

2. Mentorship opportunities. You will meet a lot of inspiring women and men in WDS as you serve your term. You have a unique opportunity to be able to connect with someone you otherwise would never have met and ask them to be your mentor.

3. Networking. No matter your post residency plans, fellowship, starting your own/joining a private practice, or accepting an academic position, you will find a WDS member who has taken or even forged a similar path. Being able to connect with these leaders in the field will give you valuable guidance for your future career plans. WDS is made up of a community of dermatologists who uplift and encourage each other.

4. Be the point of contact between your program and WDS. You will be the WDS representative at your institution. That means that your colleagues will depend on you to share with them WDS opportunities and events. This will give you a voice in your program to advocate for issues you are passionate about.

5. Leadership development. Being a resident liaison for WDS is your gateway into organized medicine. As a liaison, you will observe and learn different leadership techniques and styles to support your advancement in the Society as well as in your future career. WDS is planning on offering a leadership development course for liaisons to aid in this purpose. Once you become knowledgeable and comfortable in your role, you are encouraged to join/chair committees, task forces, and eventually run for elected positions.

6. Service events. You will have the opportunity to coordinate service events with your dermatology department in your local community such as a Coast-2-Coast sun safety or TIPP women’s shelter event.

7. Get the most up to date information on what’s happening in WDS. Starting this year, the resident representative to the WDS Board of Directors will be sending out a summary email following each board meeting. These happen every other month, which means you will constantly be getting the most recent scoop on WDS opportunities and events.

8. Become a mentor. Where you are now is a place the past you was hoping they would get to. As a Resident Liaison, you will meet younger residents and medical students that will look up to you as someone who is a few years further in their career. You may be asked to be a mentor, or you can offer advice when you meet someone in need.

9. Connect with resident liaisons in other dermatology programs. Once a year, there is a virtual call with Resident Liaisons across the country to listen to what others are doing in their programs and to be able to set your own goals for your program. If there is more than one dermatology program in your area, you may want to join forces to host a WDS grassroots community service event. You will also be invited to attend the annual WDS Forum where you can meet with other residents, WDS members, and leaders in industry.

10. Makes a great addition to your CV. Being a Resident Liaison for WDS means you serve an important role in engaging residents and connecting them with the larger organization.

Resident Liaison job description: To become a Resident Liaison, you first need to be a WDS member. Membership is free for residents and fellows! The application asks for demographic information as well as a short paragraph asking why you want to be your program’s liaison. This is a flexible term (1-3 years of residency), but preferably, you will remain in the position until you graduate. In December of your final year, we ask that you find an interested younger resident in your program to apply and take your place. A program can have 1 or 2 liaisons at a time. You will receive an email from the resident representative to the WDS Board after each board meeting, which occur every other month. You are asked to share relevant information with your program and encourage participation in applicable events. You will also be asked to join on an annual virtual call for Resident Liaisons nationwide to discuss expectations and goals. You will have the opportunity to participate in a leadership development course as it becomes available.

Thank you in advance for your consideration to serve!