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Women's Shelter Initiative


Currently women in shelters have access to programs that will help them stabilize themselves for the future, however, these programs do not address the “whole woman”. Through the dermatology gateway, our work will touch on diverse interrelated issues concerning the whole women and her body/mind systems including: aging, self-esteem, hormonal changes, stress management, body image, weight, gynecologic concerns, nutrition, acne, etc. By addressing the whole women and her body/mind systems it will change the way she feels about herself and values herself. Once she leaves the shelter she will be able to enter back into society with the confidence that she can be successful.

How to Host a TIPP Women's Shelter Event


The mission of The Transforming Interconnecting Project Program: Total Women's Health Via the Dermatology Gateway (TIPP) is to lift up women in need.  By treating the total woman, we will address all her needs. We will teach them skin care, oral hygiene, self-care habits, nutrition, social skills and more so that they may go out into the world and be the best versions of themselves, inside and out. 


  • Sun Safety (English and Spanish Versions)
  • Skincare Media Trends
  • Skincare on a Budget
  • Skincare 101
  • Menopause and Your Skin
  • Nutrition on a Budget
  • Common Skin Diseases
  • Self-Care and Wellness
  • Personal Hygiene Basics
  • Drug Photosensitivity
  • Interview Tips
  • Interview and Social Skills
  • Pregnancy and Newborn Skincare
  • Study Skills
  • SOC Common Skin, Hair, & Pigmentation Conditions
  • SOC Hair & Nail Basics
  • SOC Skincare
  • Tips to Self-Treat
  • Teenage Acne
  • Hair and Scalp Basics
  • How to be Drug Store Savvy

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