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Strategic Plan


The Women's Dermatologic Society, founded in 1973, is dedicated to helping dermatologists fulfill their greatest potential and assisting them in making a contribution to our specialty and society. To achieve this goal, the Society relies on the active participation of its members, who represent a diverse cross-section of professional sub-specialties.

Mission and Goals

To be the premier organization cultivating personal and professional development of dermatologists dedicated to excellence in patient care, mentorship, volunteerism, and leadership. 

2016-2019 Strategic Plan

PRIORITY I:  Infrastructure
Ensure adequate resources for the vitality and long-term sustainability of the organization



A. Processes documented for outcome measurements and implemented

1. Develop process and procedure manual for society ST
2. Expand Board of Directors Orientation Manual (create a culture of respect and approachability for board members) MT
3. Develop Board of Directions Orientation Meeting for new Board Members ST
4. Determine optimal board meeting organization and determine need and purpose of face to face board meetings ST

B. Build reserve fund to $2 million

1. Increase, diversify and develop revenue streams MT
2. Increase profitability at Annual Luncheon through other revenue streams and controlling expenses  MT
3. Determine how the Legacy Fund will be distributed back to WDS LT

C. Develop clear responsibilities for committees and work product with accountability

1. Create Committee Review Task Force to review current committee and structure ST
2. Matrix committees as well as reorganize the committee structure and develop an organization structure chart that outlines reporting lines ST
3. Increase committee member attendance by 10% by 2017 LT

D. Develop grant arm of society and have secure funding

1. Research and apply for Grants ST

PRIORITY II: Membership
Increase, enhance, and diversify an engaged membership



A. Increase membership retention rates by increasing membership value

1. Develop new membership value-added programs MT
2. Develop one minute membership survey to targeted membership audiences ST
3. Continually update and add member testimonials to website from all membership categories ST

B. Increase member awareness and perceived value of WDS programs and initiatives

1. Develop communication/PR to increase visibility of programs and successes to the members, the house of dermatology and the public ST
2. Create branded items with Society name and logo MT
3. Create a Web tour for new members MT
4. Promote WDS by creating a slide members can put at the end of talks they give ST
5. Increase participation in the informal Mentorship Program MT
6. Utilize social media to address top issues for members (such as burn out, life/work balance) MT

C. Increase Diversified membership and awareness

1. Task the Membership Committee and the International Affairs Committee to develop plans to increase the outreach to segments of the membership that are outside the United States MT
2. Create new “WDS International Sections” outside the United States MT
3. Target International meetings and host networking receptions LT

D. Increase resident member retention

1. Increase resident membership retention from x to y MT
2. Increase engagement across resident membership (involvement in committees, early engagement in local-regional/service events, development of new programs, etc.) LT
3. Partner with industry to utilize established leadership training to promote female leaders in dermatology LT

Expanding our outreach programs which improve the quality of life and health of our communities



A. Co-develop lecture series with organizations supporting professional development and health issues impacting women

1. Research current societies providing resources and lectures ST
2. Look at other professional societies and develop a structure for professional development LT
3. Develop best practices for committee chairs and members MT

B. Establish collaboration and affiliate memberships with organizations supporting women’s health issues

1. Research organizations that WDS would like to collaborate with/join MT
2. Develop relationship and determine benefits and values for both societies MT

C. Foster a clinical trials network for women’s health issues through recruitment, advertisement, and mentoring

1. Establish a “Clinical Trial Venture” for clinical trial protocol design as well as mentorship/training that meets multiple needs MT
2. Industry to create tips and pearls on how to be a good investigator for clinical trials MT

D. Develop key strategic alliances with industry, medical organizations and patient advocacy groups

1. Determine which companies WDS would like to partner with ST
2. Increase corporate members to be active on WDS work groups and committees ST
3. Utilize industry partners as resources for the IJWD to contribute articles ST
4. Communicate member needs to industry in a proactive fashion ST

E. Enhance the existing outreach programs (Play Safe in the Sun, TOPS)

1. Analyze existing programs for community impact ST
2. Increase funding for outreach programs MT
3. Create and promote turnkey Coast-2-Coast events ST

PRIORITY IV: Programs and services
Be the indispensable resource for the personal and professional development of members



A. Enhance and diversify mentorship and preceptorship opportunities for younger and more established members

1. Create formalized program MT
2. Create application and process for matching mentee/mentor MT
3. Create guidelines and best practice for successful program MT
4. Survey and analyze program for success rate LT

B. Create a program for teaching updating practice management skills to members

1. Develop webpage within WDS website dedicated to practice management (includes resources for private practice) ST
2. Promote the Business Interest Group within WDS to members ST
3. Create communication tool for practice management discussion ST
4. Develop a new paradigm on how to disseminate information to educate residents of the role of pharmaceutical companies, Consumer Product Goods (CPGs) and MSL access through educational videos and open communication with program directors so they can enter practices with the knowledge. LT
- Partner with AAD, APT, and APD to disseminate information to residents
- Write a letter from the WDS and ask other societies to co-sign

C. Grow the research grants program

1. Promote the Career and Community Advancement Award ST
2. Create fellowship/research awards with industry partners LT

D. Improve the quality of submission, and the sustainability of the journal, while taking steps towards achieving indexing and an impact factor

1. Create ongoing communication platform that encourages members to click and cite the journal ST
2. Require WDS grant awardees to submit an article after completion (within 6 months) ST
3. Promote the Journal social media platforms by encouraging members to like/follow/share ST
4. Develop the Young Physician article sponsorship program and secure funding by members MT
5. Increase member submission to the journal over other society journals MT
6. Analyze current model of Pay to Publish versus Member Publication MT

E. Continued promotion to enhance networking and collegiality among members

1. Promote the Regional Groups ST
2. Establish appropriate number of networking opportunities for each region for each year ST
3. Identify active WDS members willing to host events ST
4. Create turnkey networking events for members to host MT
5. Secure funding for regional groups MT
6. Create a recognition program for newer members as well as senior members MT

ST=Short-Term (6-12 months)   MT=Medium-Term (1-2 years)   LT=Long-Term (3-4 years; ongoing)