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Resident Liaison Program Application

The WDS Resident Liaison Program was created to bridge communications between the Women’s Dermatologic Society and each Dermatology Residency Program and institutions in North America. Liaisons share with their residency program open scholarship, mentorship, community service, and leadership opportunities that WDS has to offer, and in turn help the WDS better serve our Community.


  1. Informing Residents and Students about upcoming regional and national events.
  2. Designating a resident who will take your place as the Resident Liaison when you graduate by the December preceding your final semester in an effort for a smooth transition.
  3. Provide updated information to the WDS on the Program Director or Coodinator at each institution.
  4. Opportunity to learn and engage with the Resident, Fellow, & Young Physicians Committee.
  5. Maintain WDS Membership during Liaison years, updating your information every year as required by the WDS in order to stay a Member in good standing.
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