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A Message from WDS President, Latanya Benjamin, MD

Dear WDS Family,

I am absolutely honored to be your new President for 2024-2025. As we transition from our society’s illustrious past 50 years into the next 50 years, I wholeheartedly embrace the huge responsibility to lead us through this pivotal transitional period in which we are ready and positioned to ascend to new heights.

During this transition period, I pledge to uphold a culture of transparency, unity, and personal and professional development for our membership. I have many visions for WDS. Visions of accelerated progress, breaking through barriers, and a future where women are celebrated always.

My 3 goals are for WDS to be:

  1. A place of inclusion
  2. A place to celebrate others and learn to celebrate oneself
  3. A place for mentorship (at every career stage)

Every member of our Society holds a key role in igniting progress and fostering a healthy culture. I invite you to take a journey with me to pave the way for a more inclusive future. We will continue to build on WDS’s legacy of advocacy, education, and service.

We will collaborate, innovate, and expand our global footprint, all while holding steadfast to the values of WDS, returning to a spirit of camaraderie that has made this society a home for so many.

WDS welcomes new members and I invite you to encourage a colleague to re-engage, connect, and join in on this journey with us! A journey of belonging, leadership, mentorship, and celebration.

As your President, I pledge to be a conduit of your voices, a reflector of your ambitions, and a steward of our collective mission, in which every WDS woman is empowered to realize her full potential. I am ready to embark on this journey with you, with our shared dreams as my compass.

Let’s step intentionally into the next 50 years to leave a new chapter in the history of unyielding pursuits of excellence and enduring positive change.

Yours Truly,


​Latanya T. Benjamin, MD FAAD FAAP