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President's Message

Barbara Mathes, MD
Barbara Mathes, MD - President (2019-2020)

It is my pleasure and honor to serve as the 2019-2020 President of the Women’s Dermatologic Society. I want to extend my gratitude to Dr. Pearl Grimes for her service as the President whose dedication and infectious enthusiasm over the past twelve months has helped the society grow into an organization focused on building up the total woman through the dermatology gateway. 

I am excited to continue the Society’s mission of helping dermatologists fulfill their greatest potential by focusing on what distinguishes Women’s Derm from other organizations. We are a source of joy. 

The laughter, camaraderie, and support nurtured within the society provide an environment that allows us to make and develop friendships, connect personally and build lasting relationships while growing professionally and making a difference.  In addition to continuing the current successful, gratifying service and professional programs that Womens Derm is known for, over the next year the WDS is going to help bring joy back to medicine and our members.

At a time when we are bombarded with negative information telling us how unhappy, burnt out, and burdened we should be because of the profession we were called to, I propose that WDS take the lead in changing the conversation. 

Burn out has become a corrosive contagion spreading throughout the medical profession. Despite some of the pervasive difficulties we sometimes face, it’s time to change the dialogue and restore the joy we felt in being called to medicine. It’s time to redirect the discussion from burnt out to joyful. After all, who better to do this than the Women’s Dermatologic Society, an organization dedicated to changing lives?

Over the next year, the WDS will embark on the Joy Project, bringing members’ stories and tips for finding joy in everyday life and practice, helping us remember what it was that called us to medicine to begin with and finding ways of bringing that back. Let’s see if we can start to move the needle on changing our perceptions and give ourselves a bit of joy monthly, weekly or even daily. Share the things, the little things, that bring you joy. Let’s see what impact we can make when we bring back JOY to our lives.

Sincerely and with joy,

Barbara M. Mathes, MD
President (2019-2020)

Last updated: May 23, 2019