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President's Message

Mona Gohara, MDMona Gohara, MD - President (2022-2023)

Many thanks to each of you:  
Past presidents, board of directors, committee chairs, our membership, the WDS staff, and my loving family for having faith in me and my ability to continue guiding the WDS vision over the next year.  
A very important year I might add, as it marks our last trip around the sun until our beloved organization turns 50! 49 years since Dr. Wilma Bergfeld created the WDS. Nearly half a century filled with tremendous work by women and men supporting women in dermatology.  
I want to encourage those of you who are less familiarized with the Women’s Derm Society to come on board and become more involved.
I know personally that the members of WDS have had an enormous impact on my life. If I named all the people who have propelled me here, and who hold a strong place in my heart, you all know who you are, we would be here until the wee hours of the night. Suffice it to say that since joining this organization as a resident with my pal and derm twin, Kavita Mariwalla at the suggestion of Dr. Jean Bolognia, I have been the beneficiary of beautiful, deep, lifelong friendships with people who I am certain my path would not have crossed with otherwise.  
I have had the privilege of working side by side and learning from the pioneering leaders in dermatology to make positive progress in our profession for women, men, our patients, and families. I learned that you can be a world-renowned doctor and play sports in designer heels from Pearl Grimes, who knew? I have the WDS to thank for these priceless gifts.
I plan to continue honoring our original mission to support and uplift female identifying dermatologists in every aspect of their lives, by strengthening our core tenets of Service, Leadership, Mentorship, Education, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Networking.
My goal for this year is to firmly uphold our founding values but to do so through a local and global lens. To initiate a closer focus on global sisterhood as we launch our next 50-year journey.
Now, I may be the shortest WDS president to date, but I bet I’m the biggest basketball fan. I spend tons of time watching my sons play. My husband is 6’2”, so they do have a glimmer of hope.  
Some may think that the best games are those nail biters, when the fans are roaring in the stands until the last second when the ball swooshes through the net for a buzzer beater bucket. No doubt, those games are cool. But to me, win or lose, the most invigorating moments come when the team plays together with a beautiful synchronicity to get that hoop.
This year, we will be that team. Every one of my female colleagues in the US and around the world, our male allies, our industry partners, and the WDS staff in sync and in unity to make the success of women in dermatology, not just in the United States, but all over the globe a slam dunk.
For those in the room on the fence, come join team WDS where the sisterhood is good. A strong, good, global, sisterhood.  
I want to end with one of my favorite sayings, it goes like this:
When you light another’s candle you lose nothing of your own, you just produce more light.

Let’s shine bright, team WDS, let’s shine bright.

Last updated: March 29, 2022