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Confidence Talks

Let's face it: acne is a downer because it can make us feel anxious or self-conscious! But so many people are facing this, too! We've got your back with these life hacks in the #ConfidenceTalk series. Check out the below videos to see what Chloe, Lele and Najal do to manage their breakouts and be more confident.

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How do you boost your confidence?

Tip 1: How to empower and build self-respect.

Video duration: 2 minutes

How do you toss the trash talk?

Tip 2: Tools for combatting negative attention and teasing.

Video duration: 3 minutes

Myth or fact?

Tip 3: Busting common acne myths.

Video duration: 2 minutes

How do you stick to your routine?

Tip 4: How to stay on track with your skin care routine.

Video duration: 3 minutes

Is it fair to compare?

Tip 5: How to stand up to unrealistic images in the media.

Video duration: 3 minutes

If you have a question or concern about your medical condition, please contact your dermatologist. To find one, please click here

The Confidence Talks program is the result of a collaboration among the WDS, the Dove Self-Esteem Project, and Dr. Phillippa Diedrichs and Dr. Heidi Williamson of the Center for Appearance Research.

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