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2020 and 2021 WDS Service Honor Roll

Thank you to all the volunteers for their time and dedication in making the
2020 and 2021 Service Programs a success!

Even in a virtual world, these amazing volunteers were able to host 6 Coast-2-Coast events and 21 TIPP Women's Shelter events, resulting in over 1,000 participants served.


Rama Abdin
Jennifer Adams, MD
Rina Allawh, MD
Emily Berzolla
Leah Jacob, MD
Marissa Lobl
Jennifer Lucas, MD
Manisha Manmohan, MD
Janelle Nassim, MD
Deborah Paul, MD
Christine Poblete-Lopez, MD
Haya Raef
Katharine Saussy, MD
Michi Shinohara, MD
Molly Stout, MD
Elizabeth Tracey, MD
Rebecca Tung, MD
Nkem Ugonabo, MD
Pearl Ugwu-Dike, MD
Marie Vu
Annika Weinhammer, MD
Wendi Wohltmann, MD
Liz Wright
Ashley Wysong, MD
Jane Yoo, MD
Caroline Zhu
Cleveland Clinic Staff
UMNC Dermatology Department