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Committee Interest Form

Committee Interest applications are due by October 31st to be considered for the following term. Committee assignments are then made by the incoming President and terms start April 1st. After that time, all committee interest submissions will be saved for the next term year. Interested volunteers will also be notified should a position open during the year.

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Committees of Interest

Communications Council

The Editorial Committee will oversee the production of the Women’s Dermatologic Society’s newsletter, which aims to support the organization by keeping members informed of WDS activities, highlighting member accomplishments, and aiding member retention and engagement through promotion of networking, mentorship, leadership and work-life balance.

The Editorial Committee works mostly via email to create editorials for the monthly newsletters. Each member is expected to spend approximately 2 hours a month on Committee work.

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Social Media Committee holds responsibility for the content of the WDS social media platforms; including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The WDS social media platforms help the community keep up to date on the events and opportunities the WDS is delivering, make members feel engaged in the WDS, address top issues for its membership, as well as, inform the community about events, functions and accomplishments of its membership.

This Committee does most work via email. Committee members are expected to put in approximately 5 hours a month for Committee work.

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

Events and Networking Council:

The Regional Networking Committee provides the necessary tools to encourage networking, promote mentorship, create new opportunities for volunteers, and engage with current and prospective members on a local and regional level.

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Program Committee will determine speakers, content, and other programming details throughout the year at the various WDS events. The committee shall be made up of smaller groups to plan each individual event.

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

Finance Council:

The Fundraising and Philanthropic Activities Committee aims to solicit funds to support the WDS Programs, Awards, and Career Development of the Society.

*Residents not recommended

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Finance and Investment Committee aims to review and provide guidance to the Board of Directors for all financial activities of the WDS, and oversee the organization, disposition and investment of the monies of the Society, including designated funds for specific activities. The Committee also works with the Treasurer to review and develop an investment strategy for the society.

*Residents not recommended

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Mission of the Legacy Committee is to ensure the long-term financial stability of the WDS.

*Residents not recommended

Governance Council

The Audit Committee reviews the annual audit of the Society. This Committee meets once a year once the Audit is completed.

*Residents not recommended
**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the bylaws and any changes brought forth by the Committee. This Committee meets as necessary, anywhere from 1 to 3 times per year.

*Residents not recommended
**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Ethics Committee reviews any issues of concern delegated to the committee by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee and assists with ethical dilemmas or discussion of concerns related to membership.

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Organizational Structure Committee aims to support and carry out the work of the overall mission of the society. The Organizational Structure Committee is responsible to review on an annual basis the effectiveness and composition of each council and committee and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for any amendments to the current structure

This Committee meets bi-monthly to address the Society’s needs. It is expected that members put in 1-3 hours per month on this Committee.

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

Membership Council

The goal of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusion within dermatology through the creation of educational experiences, scholarly opportunities, and collegial support.

The International Sections Committee holds responsibility to increase the understanding and appreciation of the role of women and men dermatologists in all countries and to foster networking and an exchange of ideas amongst dermatologists at an international level.

The Resident, Fellows, and Young Physicians Committee represents the interests of young physician members of the Women’s Dermatologic Society through increasing membership and retention of young members, while also providing relevant resources; including career guidance, mentorship, and networking.

This Committee meets regularly throughout the year to address the needs of the Committees. Additional sub-Committees are usually created for each project the Committee sets out to complete. It is expected that each member puts in approximately 3-5 hours a month on Committee Work.

Professional Development Council:

The Annual Awards Committee aims to recognize WDS members for their achievements and contributions to dermatology by selecting the recipients of the WDS Annual Awards and providing nominations for honorary awards presented by other dermatology societies.

This Committee meets twice a year, once in April and once in November/December to select the nominees. The time commitment for this committee is approximately 1 hour a month.

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

The Mentorship Committee promotes the concept of mentorship within the WDS by facilitating the establishment of long-term relationships between mentors and mentees and promoting projects with a clearly discernable plan to help with career development. The committee provides opportunities for young physicians to establish these relationships through various mentorship programs and recognizes WDS members who have been exceptional mentors through the Mentor of the Year Award.*Residents not recommended

**Corporate members not allowed to serve

Service & Education Council:

The Academic Dermatology committee supports the academic careers and interests of residents, fellows, early-, mid-, and late-career dermatologists through mentoring and other resources, as well as collaborations with other WDS committees. The committee supports both those in academic practice and those with academic interests to promote issues of particular importance to women pursuing careers in academic dermatology.

The Practice Advisory Committee supports WDS members at any stage of their career looking to manage or start their own practice by offering resources on navigating the practice environment.

This Committee meets 3 times a year to brainstorm ideas and to put out monthly pearls. It is expected that each member puts in approximately 3 hours a month on committee work.

*Residents not recommended

The Educational Programming Committee provides expert guidance on educational offerings and develops dermatologist-led, mission-centered, diverse educational programs for WDS members and a broader audience.

The Community Service & Public Education Committee supports members in their service and outreach efforts by providing resources and materials for events. The committee plans and implements new service programs and initiatives.

This Committee meets 3 times year to select the Play Safe in the Sun events, and to work on expanding the service programs. Additionally, members are expected to host their own Coast-2-Coast or TIPP events during the year. Approximately 1-2 hours is expected a month for Committee work.

Additional Comments

You must acknowledge the requirements of each committee and would like to be considered for committee appointment
You must that in order to serve and continue to serve on a committee, members must be in good standing with dues fully paid, and that if I miss more than 3 meetings per year of service without prior approval I may be asked to step down from the committee.