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Industry Visioning Work Group (IVWG)

The WDS IVWG was held in Dallas, Texas on Friday, January 19th. The forum was composed of major corporations from around the world and their purpose is to support the research and education missions of WDS. The work group strategically discussed, with Industry Partners and WDS leaders, the common problems we face as a specialty. Circle Topics included Drug Pricing & Compounding, Diversity in Dermatology, and Access to Academic Programs, Prescribing & Generics, Physician / Mid-Level Extenders, and Key Success Measures Industry Wants to Achieve as a Result of their Support. The day was filled with stimulating conversation between physicians and industry partners. This crucial link between dermatologists and the international corporate business community will help expand the conversation and cross boundaries to embrace medical, surgical, oncologic, cosmetic, pediatric, and technical subspecialties.

Thank you to our IVWG moderator, Dr. Neil Sadick and our Circle Presenters Drs. Seemal Desai, Melissa Piliang, Latanya Benjamin, Valerie Callender, Linda Susan Marcus, Alison Ehrlich, Bethanee Schlosser, Lucille White, Molly Hinshaw, Charles Hahn, Adelaide Hebert, and Erin Gilbert.