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2020 Coast-2-Coast Events

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  • Skin Health event at Villanova University
    February 8, 2020 | Hosted by: Dr. Rina Allawh
  • The Skin You are In - Dermatology Education and Outreach in the Time of Covid-19
    April 8, 2020 | Hosted by: Dr. Rebecca Tung

    ​A special thank you to Albany Medical College third year students Kanthi Bommareddy, Meghan Hodson and Hassan Hamade for leading the first virtual interactive Zoom presentation with their longstanding young STEP ( Science and Technology Entry Program) mentees from Albany High School and surrounding middle schools. With the seventeen students, they discussed common dermatologic conditions and treatment, sun protection and skin cancer awareness and identification. Additionally, they also reviewed COVID-19 prevention tips! To remind students how to further protect themselves, Siena college student Eleanor Tung-Hahn demonstrated the easy art of no-sew mask making with only an old pillowcase and two rubber bands.


Past Events

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