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2018 L'Oreal Day of Discovery Awardees

Complete List of 2018 L'Oreal Day of Discovery Recipients

  • Crystal Aguh, MD
  • Rina Allawh, MD
  • Vladyslava Doktor, MD
  • Meghan Feely, MD
  • Noelani Gonzalez, MD
  • Anna Karp, MD
  • Katherine Ligtenberg, MD
  • Lauren Penn, MD
  • Samantah Toerge, MD
  • Newsha Lajevardi, MD

The program included a little more than half a day at the labs, which was very impressive to the doctors. They were able to see a sunscreen being made, view 3d skin imaging and hear about the L’Oreal processes for safety and reporting adverse incidents. The later part of the day included a mini “discovery” from the brands actively calling on MD offices. The day included a cosmeceutical workshop led by Kavita Mariwalla, MD, based on her Cosmetic Compendium, which we are the sole sponsors of. The workshop included hands on use of ACD brand products, which the doctors were able to take home with them, along with their own copy of the compendium.

Feedback from attendees was extremely positive, based off of emails, texts and in-person feedback.

It was truly a unique experience to welcome the core of our business model – dermatologists – into our labs and I cannot stress enough what an amazing program this was for the doctors. A very special thank you to everyone at the labs who made this program come to life in such an engaging way!