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Legacy Fund History

History and Guidelines:

  • The Women’s Dermatologic Society Legacy Fund was founded and endowed in 2003 for the purpose of philanthropic support of the WDS.
  • The Legacy Council targeted corpus is $2,000,000
  • The WDS Legacy Fund will follow the defined WDS Legacy Fund Investment Policy that is currently handled by Raffa Wealth Management and approved by The Legacy Council and WDS Board of Directors
  • The WDS Legacy Fund has general parameters of disbursement when the initial $2 million corpus goal amount is reached. When the goal is reached the WDS Legacy Council in conjunction with the Board of Directors will choose methods of disbursement that ensure the future of the WDS and fulfilment of the WDS’s missions.
  • Donors for the Legacy Fund will have a cumulative donor amount and will differentiated by the “Rose Color”.
  • Donors will be recognized with a letter.   Also, letters will be sent to the honored person (e.g. honored colleague) and person’s family that is being remembered (e.g. In Memory).
  • Since 2013 the WDS has held the Legacy Celebration to highlight the success and accomplishments of the WDS while raising funds to secure our future. Each year the WDS honors one of our members who has been a true advocate and leader to both the WDS and the field of Dermatology. The following WDS Members have been honored at past Legacy Celebrations.
    • 2013- WDS’s Founder and first President; Dr. Wilma Fowler Bergfeld
    • 2014- Dr. Tina Alster
    • 2015- Dr. Rex & Johnnie Amonette & Family
    • 2016- Dr. Jean Bolognia
    • 2017- Dr. Susan Weinkle
    • 2018- Dr. Pearl E. Grimes
    • 2019- Dr. Lynn Drake
    • 2020- Dr. Elizabeth McBurney