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South African Chapter of the Women’s Dermatologic Society

In line with the mission statement several society members have been very active and instrumental in local community outreach projects and initiatives.

The 2015/ 2016 period saw the inception of the following:

  1. South African Epidermolysis Bullossa (EB) Interest  Group
    Founding members of SAEBIG:
    Dr. Carol Hlela – Cape Town (Chairperson)
    Dr. Antoinette Chateau – Durban (Vice – Chairperson)
    Dr. Suretha Kannenburg- Cape Town (Secretary)
    Dr. Nokubonga Khoza – (committee member)Prof. Ncoza Dlova (committee member)

    Prof. Dlova coordinated the first meeting which was held in October 2015, Cape Town and was kindly sponsored by Molnlycke. The support group also includes Professional Nurses; patients living with EB as well as family members of sufferers. It promises to be of great support and increase awareness and knowledge in the management of this challenging disease. Dr. Khoza has been very instrumental in preparing the educational pamphlets and posters for distribution in various public and private hospitals.
  1. Dermatology Nursing and Primary care workers Outreach, KwaZulu – Natal, May 2016
    AWDS as well as staff of Dept. of Dermatology – Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine (NRMSM) participated in teaching of 400 primary health care nurses, medical students and doctors in three districts/venues across KwaZulu – Natal over three days.  Topics on diagnosis and management of common skin diseases as well as practical tips on bedside diagnostic tools and appropriate therapies that can be adopted at local community and home level were discussed. This was sponsored by Uniliver and direct relief program.
  2. Mentorship and Exchange Programmes
    UKZN – NRMSM hosted Dr Oluwakemi Onajin, resident: Mayo clinic, Minnesota, USA. They will also be hosting exchange students from Philippines, Nigeria and Iran. In the past several students from UCSF, Australia, Zambia, Miami, Uganda have visited as AWDS members mentees.
  1. Dermatology Registrar Association of SA (DRASSA)
    Members of the AWDS conduct annual, Registrar workshops, mentoring and guiding residents in preparation for their fellowship exams.
  1. Albinism Society of SA(ASSA)
    Members of the AWDS are strong supporters of the Albinism society and give talks to various workshops organized by the society.