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Board Member Candidate Agreement Form

I hereby acknowledge that:

  • I understand the requirements of the position and the general terms under which I will be asked to serve, if elected
    Except for extenuating circumstances, I will attend each and every required meeting, held via teleconference or in person.
  • I will prepare myself sufficiently for each and every meeting by thoroughly reading the background material that is provided.
  • I have read and will adhere to the Board policies and expectations.
  • While participating in meetings as an officer or director of the Society, my first allegiance and priority and my fiduciary responsibility and liability are to the Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS) and to its members whom I will be representing.
  • I will disclose all conflicts of interest as per the guidelines and policy established by the WDS.
  • Having acknowledged the above, I agree to serve WDS if elected by the WDS membership. I acknowledge the significant commitment of time required in attending at least two face-to-face Board of Directors meetings each year, the Leadership Retreat, as well as time required to discharge my duties between Board Meetings.