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WDS Members Dr. Karen Vigeland (back row on left) and Dr. Wendy E. Roberts (in front with sun visor) joined members of the Oncology Nurses Association, Lauri Orr & Lori Herman (in back) at LPGA Safeway Classic Tournament in Portland in August.


A Winning Combination at LPGA Safeway Classic in Portland

Hundreds of Portland-area golf enthusiasts, LPGA Tour players and caddies benefited from the joint volunteer efforts of local Women’s Dermatologic Society (WDS) members who offered “Play Safe in the Sun” skin cancer screenings and education at the recent LPGA Safeway Classic at the Columbia Edgewater Country Club.

Third-year LPGA Tour golf professional Angela Jerman, who serves as national spokesperson of the WDS “Play Safe in the Sun” campaign, joined in the outreach effort to promote sun safety among golf enthusiasts and Tour players. During a combined total of100 volunteer hours, involving ten Board-certified Oregon dermatologists and nine nurses, WDS members conducted free skin cancer screenings for 247.

Tournament visitors, including Tour players and caddies. 33% of the individuals screened were presumptively diagnosed with pre-malignancies and malignancies. More than 10% of individuals screened were presumptively diagnosed with one of the three forms of skin cancer (basal or squamous cell carcinoma, or melanoma.) 32% of individuals screened were referred to their dermatologists for further evaluation and 17% were referred for biopsy of suspicious sites.

WDS members also provided dermatologic assessments with a UV reflectance camera, and distributed thousands of free sunscreen samples and skin cancer prevention educational materials.

The “Play Safe in the Sun” Skin Cancer screenings were co- hosted by Kristin Stevens, MD, PhD, Providence Medical Group Dermatology, Portland and Karen M. Vigeland, MD, Practicing Dermatologist, Vancouver, WA, and Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Dermatology, Oregon Health and Science University, who returned to her volunteer leadership role at this tournament for her second consecutive year.

To help raise awareness about sun safety and skin cancer prevention through the media, Portland private practice dermatologist and WDS Board of Directors member Diane Baker, MD, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Oregon Health and Science University, appeared in television interviews with LPGA Tour golf professionals Angela Jerman, and Stephanie Louden, a fellow LPGA Tour player who shares Angela’s commitment to sun safety as a way of life on tour.

"Play Safe in the Sun" at LPGA

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Members: Interested in volunteering?

Portland-area WDS members who donated their time for the screenings and interaction with the public included: Deborah Altemus, MD; Diane R. Baker, MD; Shobha Jetmalani, MD; Marla Klein, MD; Phoebe Rich, MD; Beata Rydzik, MD; Kristin Stevens, MD, PhD; Lisa Turner, MD; and Karen M. Vigeland, MD. Wendy E. Roberts, MD, WDS Chair of the “Play Safe in the Sun” Initiative who has led this national effort to its sixth successful LPGA tournament around the nation in eighteen months, was also present to provide volunteer support.

Local nurses providing support to the dermatologists during the screenings included members of the local chapter of Dermatology Nurses Association Robin Weber, Immediate Past President, and Lea Williams; and members of the Mt. Hood Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society: Lori Herman, Bev Moser, Lauri Orr, and nurses Connie Demerell, Dina Marie, Marcia Mullens and Sue Taylor. Pharmaceutical representatives Ben Vaday and Nichole Ochs from Galderma and Doug Gunter from Ortho-Neutrogena also provided hands-on assistance during the tournament screenings.

The Women’s Dermatologic Society recommends that people of all ages take daily precautions to protect the skin from the heightened risks of prolonged sun exposure. Overexposure to the sun is the most preventable cause of skin cancer, so individuals are urged to make the commitment to safeguard their health. Under AAD recommendations, this includes:

  1. Sun avoidance during the peak hours of 10am-4pm;
  2. Liberal application of a high SPF, broad-spectrum sunscreen to all exposed areas of the body and face;
  3. Wearing sun-protective clothing, a wide-brimmed hat and sun-glasses, and
  4. Regular visits to your dermatologist.

WDS recommends applying a golf-ball size amount of sunscreen 15 minutes before going outdoors and re-applying every two hours, or every nine holes for golfers.

Skin cancer is currently the fastest-growing cancer in America, with more than one million new diagnoses expected in 2005. Women, ages 25-29, have skin cancer as their leading form of cancer. One American dies every 68 minutes from melanoma.

The WDS “Play Safe in the Sun” campaign at LPGA tournaments recently received the prestigious national award, the Gold Triangle, from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). The recent Skin Cancer Screenings are part of the AAD’s National Skin Cancer Volunteer Screening Initiative. Angela Jerman’s role as spokesperson for “Play Safe in the Sun” is made possible through collaborative work with Dermik Laboratories. Funding for “Play Safe in the Sun” at selected LPGA tournaments is generously provided by Procter & Gamble and Doak Dermatologics, which also contribute products along with Galderma, Ortho-Neutrogena, Del-Ray Dermatologicals, and La Roche-Posay. UV reflectance camera furnished by Ortho-Neutrogena

For more information:

CONTACT: Nancy Balik FitzGerald
760.333.9296 | eMail: NanseaSharon@aol.com


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