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2017 Coast-2-Coast Events

Upcoming 2017 Events

  • Miami Area School Lectures - Miami, FL - October
    • Dr. Ileana Pereaz-Quintairos
      Dr. Perez-Quintairos will be giving presentations to elementary and middle school children at three Miami area schools.

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Past 2017 Events

  • Skin of Steel Melanoma Awareness Walk - Chicago, IL - October 1
    • Dr. Rebecca Tung
  • Sun Safety Event - Los Angeles, CA - September 3
    • Dr. Ashley Wysong
  • Minnesota State Fair - St. Paul, MN - August 31
    • Dr. Noah Goldfarb
  • Catholic Charities Skin Screenings - Chicago, IL - August 12 & 19
    • Dr. Rebecca Tung
  • West Virginia State Fair - Lewisburg, WV -  August 11
    • Dr. Min Deng
  • Brazilian Community Event - Westborough, MA - July 29
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • Sun Safety Health Fair - Dorchester, MA - July 24
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • Community Screening - NJ - mid-July
    • Dr. Jane Yoo
      Dr. Yoo's New Jersey office is planning a community screening event for adults and children.
  • Summer Kids Camp - Fredrick, CO - July 10 - 28
    • Dr. Holly Paugh
      Dr. Paugh will be presenting the importance of skin health at a Summer Kids Camp for underprivileged children. She will be presenting the importance of skin health to the children and provide free sunscreen.
  • Rhode Island Beaches Screenings - Providence, RI - July 7, 14, 22, 30, August 11 & 18
    • Dr. Joanna Walker
      In partnership with multiple entities including Brown Dermatology and the RI Coalition Against Cancer, Dr. Walker and other volunteers will provide free skin cancer screenings at the beaches in Rhode Island. Six events will be held this summer, for about 2 hours each day.
  • Chelsea Community Sun and Safety Health Fair - Chelsea, MA - June 17
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • Kenwood Country Club Golf Tournament Sun Safety Outreach - Washington, DC - June 14
    • Dr. Sandra Read
  • Bunker Hill Day Parade & Health Fair - Charlestown, MA - June 11
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • MGH  Revere Health Center - Revere, MA - June 8
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • Hood School Family Health and Fitness Night - North Reading, MA - May 24
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • MGH Charlestown Health Center - Charlestown, MA - May 24
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • WVU Medicine Cancer Institute Outreach – Morgantown, WV - May 18
    • Dr. Min Deng
      On May 18, 2017, Dr. Min Deng organized a Coast-2-Coast event at the WVU Medicine Cancer Center. Dr. Deng and colleagues provided free skin cancer screenings as well as educational information to a population that otherwise wouldn’t have seen a dermatologist. 94 individuals were screened, 32 of whom were referred to a dermatologist! The dermatologists at the event identified 2 melanomas, 7 basal cell carcinomas, and 5 squamous cell carcinomas. Special thank you to Drs. Min Deng, Omid Jalali, Roxann Powers, Michael Kolodney, Erica Ghareeb, Sarah Ellison, Mackenzie Gwynne, Jason Meeker, and their 15 additional staff members who made this event a success!
  • Barbara McInnis Home Sun Safety Outreach - Boston, MA - May 16
    • Dr. Shadi Kourosh
  • Hygiene & Puberty & Acne Talk at St. Nicholas Cathedral School - Chicago, IL - May 12
    • Dr. Rebecca Tung
      Loyola medical students and residents presented  to 50 students in Grades 5-8 at St. Nicholas Cathedral School in Chicago on May 12, 2017.  The presentation focused on puberty, hygiene and sun safety. They specifically discussed acne, body odor, hygiene, and skin care. Since summer was fast approaching, their presentation also included skin cancer education and prevention as well as how to play safe in the sun.
  • Swim With Mike - Los Angeles, CA - April 8
    • Dr. Ashley Wysong
  • LPGA Kia Classic Skin Cancer Screenings – Carlsbad, CA - March 25
    • Dr. Kimberly Butterwick & Dr. Kristina Dela Rosa
      The Coast-2-Coast Event at the LPGA Kia Classic was a success!  Seven WDS members volunteered their time to provide 33 individuals with FREE Skin Cancer Screenings, and pass out sunscreen and materials on the importance of sun safety. Of those screened, 13 were referred to a dermatologist and 10 were recommended for biopsies.
      Thanks to the following volunteers for making this event a success:
      Susan Boiko, MD Kristina Dela Rosa, MD
      Megan Brown, MD Jessie Hou, MD
      Kimberly Butterwick, MD Tara Paravar, MD
      Antoanella Calame, MD  

                                     WDS LPGA Coast to Coast Event
  • Loyola Dermatology Healthy Skin Outreach Events – March 17 & 27
    Dr. Rebecca Tung
    On March 17, fifteen Loyal medical students and two residents volunteered their time to educate 80+ students at the LEARN Charter Schools on Chicago’s Westside.  At this event, volunteers discussed common skin conditions and treatment options encountered during puberty, fostering self-esteem during this time period, skin cancer awareness, and sun safety techniques. Specific curriculum was tailored for this youthful audience and was successful in that it stimulated much discussion and many questions!

    Thank you to the amazing volunteers who organized this event:
    Rebecca Tung, MD               Amanda Goslawski          David Perlman
    Wendy Kim, DO Lexi Riopelle Weston Terrasse
    Cindy Krol Emily Tat Asha Mannancheril
    Adam Whittington, MD Kimber Sable Sara Iqbal
    Carly Webb, MD Jillian Bleck Angeli Ledesma
    Jayla Gray, MD Andia Mitri Ali Bailey
    Arielle Gray Allison Fassett Collin Pennock-Monson
      Jamie Neelon  
    Special thank you to Eleanor Tung-Hahn for content and photo editing, and to Markuail Turnipseed at the LEARN Academy.

    Another event took place on March 27 at St. Nicholas Cathedral School on Chicago's Northside. 100 students in grades 1 - 8 learned about healthy skin techniques and sun safety.

    Thank you to the below medical students for educating participants:
    Solomiya Grushchak Andia Mitri
    Amanda Goslawski Stefanie Thorsness
    Cossett Joy
    Jacquelyn Dang
    Alexandria Riopelle  
                                            Loyola Dermatology Sun Safety Outreach
  • University of Chicago Laboratory Schools Health Fair – Chicago, IL - March 9
    • Dr. Arlene Ruiz De Luzuriaga
      On March 9, 2017 a group of dermatologists, dermatology residents, and medical students from the University of Chicago participated in a school-wide health fair held at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools to engage students and their parents in sun safety. It was a fun and entertaining event for all, with decoration of wide-brimmed hats, stringing of UV bead bracelets, play with mini-beach balls and discussion of sun protection techniques.  Over 500 sunscreen samples were distributed, as well as educational pamphlets. Kids particularly enjoyed watching their WDS UV bracelets change color in the sun!

      Thank you to the following volunteers for organizing the event:
      Sarah Stein, MD
      Olga Radkevich-Brown, MD, PhD
      Arlene Ruiz de Luzuriaga, MD, MPH

      And thank you to the following medical students for giving their time at the event:
      Margaret Dennin
      Balaji Jothishankar
      Sabrina Lichon
      Anastasia Pozdnyakova

                                       Coast to Coast at University of Chicago