Updated May 2014
Mission Statement

To be a resource of information about dermatologic health and to develop and foster the growth of service among members of the WDS

To encourage the spirit of volunteerism

To identify, develop guidelines, and implement programs that educate the public about skin health

Committee is responsible for implementing community outreach projects as determined by the WDS Board of Directors. Projects may be conducted under the WDS or the WDS Foundation.

Number of Members: At least 6
Term: 3 years; renewable;
Term of Chair: 3 years

WDS President serves as an Ex-Officio Advisory Member

Latanya T. Benjamin, MD (2014-2017)
Stanford, CA

Rebecca Clare Tung, MD (2014-2017)
LaGrange, IL

Mona Amira Gohara, MD (2014-2015)
Woodbridge, CT

Kavita Mariwalla, MD (2014-2015)
West Islip, NY

Cynthia Bartus, MD (2013-2016)
Allentown, PA

Megan M. Bogart, MD (2013-2016)
Sarasota, FL

Joi B. Barter, MD (2013-2016)
Boston, MA

Caitlin M. Fink, DO (2013-2016)
Bethesda, MD

Alysa R. Herman, MD (2013-2016)
Coral Gables, FL

Lana Kashlan, MD (2014-2017)
Lincolnshire, IL

Emily L. Keimig, MD (2014-2017)
Chicago, IL

Chesahna Kindred, MD, MBA (2012-2015)
Baltimore, MD

Christine Poblete Lopez, MD (2012-2015)
Cleveland, OH

Renee J. Mathur, MD (2014-2017)
Johnstown, PA

Oge C. Onwudiwe, MD (2014-2017)
Glenn Dale, MD

Sarah A. Pace, MD (2014-2017)
Rockville, MD

Ellen Nikki Pritchett, MD (2014-2017)
Philadelphia, PA

Stephanie Savory
Dallas, TX

Nancy R. Todes-Taylor, MD (2014-2017)
Tiburon, CA

Mara Weinstein, MD (2014-2017)
Cleveland, OH

Ashley Wysong, MD, MS (2013-2016)
San Diego, CA

Jane Yoo, MD (2012-2015)
New York, NY

Ex-Officio Advisor โ€“ President
Valerie D. Callender, MD (2014-2015)
Glenn Dale, MD

Ex-Officio Advisor โ€“ President-Elect
Kathleen J. Hectorne, MD (2014-2015)
Austin, MN

Ex-Officio Advisor โ€“ Treasurer
Neil S. Sadick, MD, FACP (2014-2017)
New York, NY

Wendy E. Roberts, MD
Rancho Mirage, CA

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