Updated May 2013
Mission Statement

To review any issues of concern delegated to the committee by the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.

To assist in any issues or discussion of membership termination.

To value the highest ethical standards.

To apprise the Executive Committee of any ethical matters that may affect the operations of the WDS

Number of Members: At least 6
Term: 3 years; renewable
The Immediate Past-President shall serve as an ex-officio officer.

Daniela Kroshinsky, MD (2012-2014)
Boston, MA

Jane Margaret Grant-Kels, MD (2013-2016)
Farmington, CT

Kathleen J. Hectorne, MD (2012-2015)
Austin, MN

William D. James, MD (2011-2014)
Philadelphia, PA

Hillary D. Johnson-Jahangir, MD, PhD (2013-2016)
New York, NY

Lenore Setsuko Kakita, MD (2012-2015)
Las Vegas, NV

Diane C. Madfes, MD (2013-2016)
New York, NY

Mary C. Spellman, MD (2011-2014)
San Francisco, CA

Robin Unger, MD (2012-2015)
New York, NY

Ex-Officio Active Member – Immediate Past President
Janet G. Hickman, MD (2013-2014)
Lynchburg, VA

Ex-Officio Active Member – President
Amy S. Paller, MD (2013-2014)
Chicago, IL

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